2nd Anti-Ageing  Sun Protection Summit, 

Prague, May 2018

«Assessing a new In Vitro method for Blue Light protection»

 In-Cosmetics Global Workshop, 

Amsterdam, April 2018

«New in vitro method to assess if your sunscreens are infra-ready?»

Sun Protection Conference,

London, June 2017

«Challenging the claimed SPF – The need to increase the number of testing laboratories for higher reliability»

Sun Protection Summit,

Brussels, April 2017

«Replacement of In Vivo methods by In Vitro methods in Sun Protection Domain»

Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin Care,

Singapore, July 2016

«In Vitro SPF for label claim : fact or fiction ?»

In Vitro Suncare Open Days,

Creil, April 2016

Florida Sunscreen Symposium,

Orlando, September 2015

«Aspect of In Vitro material handling and new developments in In Vivo and In Vitro automation»

Sun Protection Conference,

London, June 2015

«In Vitro SPF for label claim : fact or fiction ?»

Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit,

Brussels, May 2015

«How to ensure your innovative ideas comply ?»

In-Cosmetics Workshop,

Barcelona, April 2015

«UVA protection factor In Vitro method»

INNOLAB Forum – Summer Beauty,

Bangkok, August 2014

«Asian branch of French laboratory advocate and act for consistent sunscreen evolution»

Sun Protection & Anti Ageing Skin Care Conference,

Singapore, July 2014

«Sun protection evaluation: facts and perspectives»

Jean-paul Martys Days,

Paris, December 2013

«In Vitro methods for sun protection : What we will have to accept to make them reliable ?»

Cosmetics Days,

Marseille, December 2012

«Ajustement des propriétés interfaciales substrat/produit : Une nouvelle perspective pour la corrélation In Vivo/In Vitro»

Florida Sunscreen Symposium,

Orlando, September 2011

«New FDA Rule: Borderline Products in Broad Spectrum Claiming: How do I Manage»

Congrès Méditerranéen Cosmétologie,

Marseille, September 2008


European UV Sunfilters Conference,

Paris, November 1999

«Contribution to measuring In Vitro protection. Some keys for the reliability of Sunscreen spectrophotometric evaluation.»