Afin d’optimiser vos produits solaires ou pour revendiquer les propriétés de vos produits, nous vous proposons en exclusivité des tests développés en interne.


He001c - In Vitro SPF with pre-irradiation and multi-substrates approach (published method)
He006b - In Vitro Dynamic Photostability evaluation (published method)
He805 - In Vitro Rub Resistance of a sunscreen product (published method)
He806 - In Vitro Wet Skin application of a sunscreeen product (published method)
He807 - In Vitro Infrared protection assessment of a sunscreen product (published method)
He808 - In Vitro Blue Light protection assessment of a sunscreen product (published method)
He809 - In Vitro Full Spectrum assessment of a sunscreen product
He810 - In Vitro assessment of the resistance of the sun protection in extreme conditions (published method)

Tests de résistance à l’eau

He004 - vitro Water resistance evaluation (published method)
He004a - In vitro Very water resistance evaluation (double immersion)

Tests d’absorption ou de non absorption UV

He802 - In Vitro evaluation of non absorption in the UV
He803 - In Vitro evaluation of UV absorbance curve in the UV - In solution
He804 - In Vitro evaluation of UV absorbance curve in the UV - On thin layer

Contrôle de qualité

He005b - In vitro statistical comparison between two products - ageing, batch, etc. (published method)

Test de résistance à la lumière

He701 - In vitro Color stability evaluation (8, 12 or 24h irradiation time)


EUROPE HeT001 - EN 13758-1: Sun Protective Clothing, Method of test for appareil fabrics
EUROPE HeT002 - EN 13758-2: Solar UV properties - Classification and marking of appareil
USA HeT003 -AATCC Test Method 183-2010: Transmittance or Blocking of Erythemally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics
USA HeT004 - ASTM D6544-12: Standard Practice for Preparation of Textiles Prior to Ultraviolet (UV) Transmission Testing
USA HeT005 - ASTM D6603-12: Standard Specification for Labelling of UV-Protective Textiles
AUSTRALIA HeT006 - AS/NZS 4399:1996: Sun protective clothing - Evaluation and classification