Involved in in vitro sun protection evaluation, HelioScreen has developed technological innovations in this area allowing you to improve and optimize your results.


It has been demonstrated that the human spreading provides a significant
variability in the results even if the tests are performed in the best conditions.

After several months of development, the HD-SPREADMASTER
allows total control of sunscreen spreading by means of its concept
of robot spreading.

Suitable for Molded HD6 and Sandblasted SB6 substrates, this
indispensable device specifically dedicated for the In Vitro suncare
tests ensures you reproducible results, save time and save money.


The control of the temperature at substrates surface is a key parameter to ensure the reliability of the In Vitro tests.  It has been demonstrated that such control is essential during whole process of sunscreen evaluation and not only with the control of the room temperature process.

The HD-THERMASTER specifically designed for In Vitro to control and maintain the temperature during whole process. Adapted to receive the HD6 and SB6 substrates, the future In Vitro methods for sun protection evaluation must necessarily take into account the control of the temperature at the substrates surface.

Silicone Finger

Silicone finger used for spreading the sunscreen product (to be replaced approximately every 400 uses). To be used with a finger cot.

Finger cot

Finger cots – Latex – Powder-free – Size M – compatible with the silicone finger allowing the spreading of the sun product. Replace between each product or as soon as it is damaged.


Sunscreen testing

SPF – UVA – Critical Wavelength – Water Resistance – Photostability – Infrared – Blue Light…


PMMA – Molded HD6
PMMA – Sandblasted SB6


Theory – Practice

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