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HelioNews 29


  • In vitro Sand Resistance
  • Limits of Blue Light protection for uncolored sunscreen products
  • HelioScreen partnership of the ALT-SPF Consortium for in vitro SPF Double platemethod (ISO draft 23675)

HelioNews 28


  • Long Lasting sun protection performance
  • How to have a C factor in compliance with ISO 24443:2012 for difficult products

HelioNews 27


  • 20 years of HelioScreen
  • Customer survey for 2018
  • Method for UVC protection

HelioNews 26


  • A new proposal for extrapolation of in vitro UVAPF according to ISO 24443:2012 using Labeled SPF value or Screening in vivo SPF value
  • Frequently Asked Questions

HelioNews 25


  • In Vitro Sun Protection Testing – Repeatability vs. Reproducibility
  • Are your sunscreens Infra-ready?
  • Are you ready to protect yourself from Blue Light?

HelioNews 24


  • Information or Speculation: Control of sunscreen products on the market
  • How to use the Helioplate HD6 & SB6
  • New In Vitro assessment of Wet Skin factor of sun care products
  • New In Vitro test for the assessment of the resistance of the sun protection in extreme conditions

HelioNews 23


  • In Vitro Suncare Open Days Show Review
  • In Vitro assessment of Rub Resistance factor of sun care products
  • Accelerated stability method for sunscreen products performance assessment

HelioNews 22


  • New claim for photostability performance
  • Reproducibility of in vivo Water Resistance value
  • Scientific articles and conferences
  • Happy Holidays and joyful New Year

HelioNews 21


  • Shortcoming in UV protection for USA’s sunscreen products?
  • Sun care industry
  • Save the new date for the In Vitro Suncare Open Days!
  • Scientifics articles and notes

HelioNews 20


  • New representation in India
  • Challenging In Vivo tests
  • Scientifics articles & News

HelioNews 19


  • The ISO 24445: What could be the changes brought by the future In Vitro SPF standard?
  • PA rating system: Worldwide misleading
  • New product from HelioScreen: The software HelioSoft for sun protection calculation
  • Audit our Quality System ISO 9001 certified
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 18


  • 15 years anniversary
  • Sun risk prevention
  • In Vitro E-SPF determination for lens
  • Worldwide regulation for sun protection
  • In Vitro comparison method: producing, ageing, formulation
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 17


  • Fundamentals of In Vitro sunscreen testing methods
  • Guideline: Issues and methods of Sun Protection Evaluation
  • Partnership between HelioScreen and Shiseido
  • Solar protection in Europe vs. USA
  • Scientifics articles
  • 375 CW label

HelioNews 16


  • HelioScreen Asia Co., Ltd.
  • New or updated appliances and consummables for In Vitro UV testing from HelioScreen
  • Robot vs. Human spreading
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 15


  • HelioScreen Asia
  • Critical Wavelength assessment – “a false friend in reliability”
  • New services for textile materials implemented by our laboratory
  • Influence of temperature on substrate surface on In Vitro SPF
  • Highlight In Vivo/In Vitro packs
  • New documents for HelioScreen’s presentation
  • Last scientific articles & Last patents

HelioNews 14


  • In Vitro photo-protection assessment of sunscreen products
  • Influence of surface energy on In Vitro SPF
  • HelioScreen Labs has recently acquired new equipment
  • New or updated services from HelioScreen
  • Scientifics articles
  • Next Events

Participation at in-cosmetics Global in Spain ☀️

HelioScreen Cosmetic Science announces its participation to the in-cosmetics global exhibition in Barcelona from March 28th to 30th 2023. We will be located at booth X20 with our sales and marketing manager Laurie-Anne Lerond and her sales representative Guillaume...

HelioScreen will participate to the in-cosmetics Asia exhibition 🌴☀️

From November 1st to 3rd 2022, our CEO Dominique LUTZ and the sales development representative Guillaume LEJEUNE will welcome you during the in-cosmetics Asia exhibition. They will be waiting for you at booth D10H to talk with you about your future projects in the...

HelioScreen flies to Sao Paulo for in-cosmetics Latin America 🌴☀️

Céline VINCENT and Guillaume LEJEUNE will be present at in-cosmetics Latin America in Sao Paulo on September 21 and 22, 2022 (Brazil time) at booth A11 and A13. They will be accompanied by Tecnotest and Courage Kazaka to discuss with you about your future projects in...

The return of the sun 🌞

The sun is back, so it is very important to protect yourself from from it.☀️ So what are the steps to apply your sunscreen? 🤔 👉 Step 1: Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15 (and higher for children) and provides broad-spectrum coverage (UVA and UVB rays)...

HelioScreen participates to the COMET conference on July 5th 2022 🧴

On July 5th 2022, Sébastien Miksa will lead a conference at COMET (Cosmetic Measurement & Testing) in Cergy-Pontoise (France) from 11:45am to 12:05pm. He will talk about the In vitro method on sand resistance developed by HelioScreen in 2021. 🧴⌛ Sébastien will...


Cosmetics Europe - The Personal Care Association published the recommendation N26 for alternative in vivo SPF test including the in vitro SPF method double plate. Cosmetics Europe "strongly recommend that CE members (and the test laboratories with whom they work)...

HelioScreen take off to New York 🗽

Sébastien MIKSA and his team-mate Guillaume LEJEUNE will be at SUPPLIER’S DAY exhibition in New York on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 May 2022. 🗽 They’ll be waiting for you on level one, stand 447. 😊 Do not hesitate to ask us for any informations! 😄☀️

Participation at In-cosmetics global in Paris

We are pleased to confirm our participation at In-cosmetics global in Paris. 🗼🧴  Sébastien, Guillaume, Céline, Anaïs, Sarah and Camille will be present to meet you.😃  👉We will be located at booth P104, in the testing zone. 🔬  A snack will be offered! 😄...

Sunscreen reference standards – P2 – P5 – P8 – S2

Four new products are available. 🥳    Sunscreen reference standards P2, P5, P8 and S2 to validate the different norms for the evaluation of sun protection (SPF 16, SPF 30, SPF 63, UVAPF 12…)    So then, are you happy? 😊    As a reminder, our laboratory...



  • New in vitro method for sand resistance assessment of sunscreen products – S. MIKSA and C. VINCENT, H&PC Today, Vol 16(6), November/December 2021
  • Sunscreen products claimable with Full Spectrum Protection – Full Light Protection – S. MIKSA and D. LUTZ, Euro Cosmetics, May 2018
  • Are you ready to protect yourself from Blue Light? New In Vitro method allowing the Blue Light Protection assessment of sunscreens – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, Euro Cosmetics, October 2017
  • Are Your Sunscreens Infra-ready? New In vitro Method Puts Data Behind the Claims – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, C&T, October 2017
  • New In Vitro test for the assessment of the Resistance of the sun protection in Extreme Conditions – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, Euro Cosmetics, April 2017
  • Wet Skin Factor for Sunscreens: In vitro Method to Substantiate Wet Skin Product Claims – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, C&T, July 2016 
  • Sunscreen Sun Protection Factor claim based on in vivo interlaboratory variability – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Accepted Article, doi: 10.1111/ics.12333, May 2016
  • New approach for a reliable in vitro SPF method Part II: Practical aspects and implementations – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Accepted Article, doi: 10.1111/ics.12327, May 2016
  • Man vs machine – Miksa et al., SPC magazine, April 2016
  • Supporting Claims for “Rub-Resistant” Sun Protection – E. Delamour, S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, April 2016
  • Relevance of Sun Protection Factor claim – Review of a study with 60 different commercial sunscreen products from European market – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, H&PC Today, Vol 11(2), March/April 2016
  • Accelerated stability method for sunscreen products performance assessment – S. Miksa et al., Euro Cosmetics, March 2016
  • Photostability Test for Additional Sunscreen Claims, Part I: Protocol Setup, Part II: Calculations and Results, Part III: New Claim – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, C&T, November 2015 
  • In vitro sunscreen testing laboratory – Past, Present and Future – Miksa et al., H&PC Today – Sun Care – Vol. 10(4) – August 2015
  • In Vitro/In Vivo SPF, a Substitution for Ethical Reasons or a Real Evolution of the Pertinence of the Test? – D. Lutz, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, SOFW Journal, July 2015
  • New approach for a reliable In Vitro Sun Protection Factor method – Part 1: Principle and mathematical aspects – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, May 2015
  • In Vitro SPF for label claim of cosmetic sunscreens: Fact or fiction? – D. Lutz, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, HPIC India magazine, April 2015
  • Reliability for Sun Protection Factor assessment – what we have learned from In Vitro sunscreen testing – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Euro Cosmetics, April 2015
  • Sunscreen products: Some practical applications for a new comparison test method to help Development and ensure Quality Controls – D. Lutz, S. Miksa and C. Guy, H&PC Today, November/December 2014
  • Advantages of In Vitro sun protection assessment methods – S. Miksa, D. Lutz, C. Guy and B. Tiplamai, SPC ASIA, November 2014
  • The 10 reasons and hopes about In Vitro SPF method – D. Lutz and S. Miksa, SPC Supplement, September 2014
  • Improving the UV Exposure of Sunscreen During In Vitro Testing Miksa et al., C&T, September 2014
  • Key parameters for reliable In Vitro sunscreen testing method Tiplamai, S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, INNOLAB magazine, August 2014
  • Development of sunscreens: Basis for efficacy formulation – S. Miksa et al., Euro Cosmetics, July/August 2014
  • Overview of sun protection factor assessment methods – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Personal Care, July 2014
  • Improvement of In Vitro sunscreen testing inter-laboratories reproducibility by means of reference absorbance curve – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, H&PC Today, March/April 2014
  • Sandblasting to Improve the Reproducibility of In vitro Sunscreen Evaluation Miksa et al., C&T, April 2014
  • Influência do Substrato em Medições de FPS In Vitro Miksa et al., C&T Brasil, January 2014
  • Influence of Pressure During Spreading on UV Transmission Results Miksa et al., C&T, November 2013
  • In Vitro UV Testing—Robot vs. Human Spreading for Repeatable, Reproducible Results Miksa et al., C&T, October 2013
  • In vitro/vivo SPF Correlation and Repeatability According to Substrate Miksa et al., C&T, September 2013
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  • FDA Rule for Broad-spectrum Labeling: Key Substrate Findings – D. Lutz, J. Ongenaed and C. Guy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, October 2011
  • Accurate, Fast and quite easy way of sunscreen testing. Compliant with in vitro global standard: COLIPA, BOOTS, FDA & ISO – D. Lutz and N. Cariou, H&PC Sun Care July/September 2011
  • In vitro assessment of water resistance of sun care products: a reproducible and optimized in vitro test method – M. Pissavini, V. Alard, U. Heinrich, K. Jenni, V. Perier, V. Tournier, D. Lutz , M. Meloni, D. Kockott, L. Ferrero, B. Gonzalez, L. Zastrow and H. Tronnier, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, July 2007
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  • COMET, Cergy, July 2022 – New in vitro method for sand resistance assessment of sunscreen products
  • Cosmetotest, Lyon, May 2022 – Future of in vitro SPF international method: panorama of the new perspectives ISO 23675 
  • Sun & Care Live Conference – Sunscreens & Testing, September 21, 2020 – Updated news about in vitro sun protection test methods
  • 2nd Anti-Ageing Sun Protection Summit, Prague, May 2018 – Assessing a new In Vitro method for Blue Light protection
  • in-cosmetics Global Workshop, Amsterdam, April 2018 – New in vitro method to assess if your sunscreens are infra-ready?
  • Sun Protection Conference, London, June 2017 – “Challenging the claimed SPF – The need to increase the number of testing laboratories for higher reliability”
  • Sun Protection Summit, Brussels, April 2017 – “Replacement of In Vivo Methods by In Vitro Methods in Sun Protection Domain”
  • Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin care, Singapore, July 2016 – “In vitro SPF for label claim: fact or fiction?”
  • Florida Sunscreen Symposium, Orlando, September 2015 – “Aspects of in vitro material handling and new developments in in vivo and in vitro automation”
  • Sun Protection Conference, London, June 2015 – “In vitro SPF for label claim: fact or fiction?”
  • Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit, Brussels, May 2015 – “How to ensure your innovative ideas comply?”
  • in-cosmetics Workshop, Barcelona, April 2015 – “UVA protection factor in vitro method”
  • INNOLAB forum :: Summer Beauty – 6 Dimensions for Sunscreen Products, Bangkok, August 2014 – “Asian branch of French laboratory advocate and act for consistent sunscreen evaluation”
  • Sun Protection & Anti Ageing Skin Care Conference Asia, Singapore, July 2014 – “Sun protection evaluation Facts and Perspectives”
  • Jean Paul Marty Days, Paris, December 2013 – “In Vitro methods for sun protection. What we will have to accept to make them reliable?” 
  • Cosmetic Days, Marseille,  December 2012 – «Ajustement des proprieties interfaciales substrat/produit : Une nouvelle perspective pour la correlation In Vivo/In Vitro»
  • in-cosmetics Conference, Barcelona, April 2012 – “ISO24443”
  • Florida Sunscreen Symposium, Orlando, September 2011 – “New FDA Rule: Borderline Products in Broad Spectrum Claiming: How do I Manage”
  • Congrès Méditerranéen Cosmétologie, Marseille, September 2008 – “DLC”
  • European UV Sunfilters Conference, Paris, November 1999 – “Contribution to measuring In Vitro protection. Some keys for the reliability of Sunscreen spectrophotometric evaluation.”



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