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HelioNews 29

Contenido :

  • In vitro Sand Resistance
  • Limits of Blue Light protection for uncolored sunscreen products
  • HelioScreen partnership of the ALT-SPF Consortium for in vitro SPF Double platemethod (ISO draft 23675)

HelioNews 28

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  • Long Lasting sun protection performance
  • How to have a C factor in compliance with ISO 24443:2012 for difficult products

HelioNews 27

Contenido :

  • 20 years of HelioScreen
  • Customer survey for 2018
  • Method for UVC protection

HelioNews 26

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  • A new proposal for extrapolation of in vitro UVAPF according to ISO 24443:2012 using Labeled SPF value or Screening in vivo SPF value
  • Frequently Asked Questions

HelioNews 25

Contenido :

  • In Vitro Sun Protection Testing – Repeatability vs. Reproducibility
  • Are your sunscreens Infra-ready?
  • Are you ready to protect yourself from Blue Light?

HelioNews 24

Contenido :

  • Information or Speculation: Control of sunscreen products on the market
  • How to use the Helioplate HD6 & SB6
  • New In Vitro assessment of Wet Skin factor of sun care products
  • New In Vitro test for the assessment of the resistance of the sun protection in extreme conditions

HelioNews 23

Contenido :

  • In Vitro Suncare Open Days Show Review
  • In Vitro assessment of Rub Resistance factor of sun care products
  • Accelerated stability method for sunscreen products performance assessment

HelioNews 22

Contenido :

  • New claim for photostability performance
  • Reproducibility of in vivo Water Resistance value
  • Scientific articles and conferences
  • Happy Holidays and joyful New Year

HelioNews 21

Contenido :

  • Shortcoming in UV protection for USA’s sunscreen products?
  • Sun care industry
  • Save the new date for the In Vitro Suncare Open Days!
  • Scientifics articles and notes

HelioNews 20

Contenido :

  • New representation in India
  • Challenging In Vivo tests
  • Scientifics articles & News

HelioNews 19

Contenido :

  • The ISO 24445: What could be the changes brought by the future In Vitro SPF standard?
  • PA rating system: Worldwide misleading
  • New product from HelioScreen: The software HelioSoft for sun protection calculation
  • Audit our Quality System ISO 9001 certified
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 18

Contenido :

  • 15 years anniversary
  • Sun risk prevention
  • In Vitro E-SPF determination for lens
  • Worldwide regulation for sun protection
  • In Vitro comparison method: producing, ageing, formulation
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 17

Contenido :

  • Fundamentals of In Vitro sunscreen testing methods
  • Guideline: Issues and methods of Sun Protection Evaluation
  • Partnership between HelioScreen and Shiseido
  • Solar protection in Europe vs. USA
  • Scientifics articles
  • 375 CW label

HelioNews 16

Contenido :

  • HelioScreen Asia Co., Ltd.
  • New or updated appliances and consummables for In Vitro UV testing from HelioScreen
  • Robot vs. Human spreading
  • Scientifics articles

HelioNews 15

Contenido :

  • HelioScreen Asia
  • Critical Wavelength assessment – «a false friend in reliability»
  • New services for textile materials implemented by our laboratory
  • Influence of temperature on substrate surface on In Vitro SPF
  • Highlight In Vivo/In Vitro packs
  • New documents for HelioScreen’s presentation
  • Last scientific articles & Last patents

HelioNews 14

Contenido :

  • In Vitro photo-protection assessment of sunscreen products
  • Influence of surface energy on In Vitro SPF
  • HelioScreen Labs has recently acquired new equipment
  • New or updated services from HelioScreen
  • Scientifics articles
  • Next Events



  • Sunscreen products claimable with Full Spectrum Protection – Full Light Protection – S. MIKSA and D. LUTZ, Euro Cosmetics, May 2018
  • Are you ready to protect yourself from Blue Light? New In Vitro method allowing the Blue Light Protection assessment of sunscreens – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, Euro Cosmetics, October 2017
  • Are Your Sunscreens Infra-ready? New In vitro Method Puts Data Behind the Claims – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, C&T, October 2017
  • New In Vitro test for the assessment of the Resistance of the sun protection in Extreme Conditions – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, Euro Cosmetics, April 2017
  • Wet Skin Factor for Sunscreens: In vitro Method to Substantiate Wet Skin Product Claims – E. Delamour, S. Miksa and D. Lutz, C&T, July 2016
  • Sunscreen Sun Protection Factor claim based on in vivo interlaboratory variability – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Accepted Article, doi: 10.1111/ics.12333, May 2016
  • New approach for a reliable in vitro SPF method Part II: Practical aspects and implementations – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Accepted Article, doi: 10.1111/ics.12327, May 2016
  • Man vs machine – Miksa et al., SPC magazine, April 2016
  • Supporting Claims for «Rub-Resistant» Sun Protection – E. Delamour, S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, April 2016
  • Relevance of Sun Protection Factor claim – Review of a study with 60 different commercial sunscreen products from European market- S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, H&PC Today, Vol 11(2), March/April 2016
  • Accelerated stability method for sunscreen products performance assessment – S. Miksa et al., Euro Cosmetics, March 2016
  • Photostability Test for Additional Sunscreen Claims, Part I: Protocol Setup, Part II: Calculations and Results, Part III: New Claim – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, C&T, November 2015
  • In vitro sunscreen testing laboratory – Past, Present and Future – Miksa et al., H&PC Today – Sun Care – Vol. 10(4) – August 2015
  • In Vitro/In Vivo SPF, a Substitution for Ethical Reasons or a Real Evolution of the Pertinence of the Test?- D. Lutz, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, SOFW Journal, July 2015
  • New approach for a reliable In Vitro Sun Protection Factor method – Part 1: Principle and mathematical aspects – Miksa et al., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, May 2015
  • In Vitro SPF for label claim of cosmetic sunscreens: Fact or fiction? – D. Lutz, S. Miksa and B. Tiplamai, HPIC India magazine, April 2015
  • Reliability for Sun Protection Factor assessment – what we have learned from In Vitro sunscreen testing- S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Euro Cosmetics, April 2015
  • Sunscreen products: Some practical applications for a new comparison test method to help Development and ensure Quality Controls – D. Lutz, S. Miksa and C. Guy, H&PC Today, November/December 2014
  • Advantages of In Vitro sun protection assessment methods- S. Miksa, D. Lutz, C. Guy and B. Tiplamai, SPC ASIA, November 2014
  • The 10 reasons and hopes about In Vitro SPF method- D. Lutz and S. Miksa, SPC Supplement, September 2014
  • Improving the UV Exposure of Sunscreen During In Vitro Testing – Miksa et al., C&T, September 2014
  • Key parameters for reliable In Vitro sunscreen testing method – Tiplamai, S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, INNOLAB magazine, August 2014
  • Development of sunscreens: Basis for efficacy formulation – S. Miksa et al., Euro Cosmetics, July/August 2014
  • Overview of sun protection factor assessment methods – S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, Personal Care, July 2014
  • Improvement of In Vitro sunscreen testing inter-laboratories reproducibility by means of reference absorbance curve- S. Miksa, D. Lutz and C. Guy, H&PC Today, March/April 2014
  • Sandblasting to Improve the Reproducibility of In vitro Sunscreen Evaluation – Miksa et al., C&T, April 2014
  • Influência do Substrato em Medições de FPS In Vitro – Miksa et al., C&T Brasil, January 2014
  • Influence of Pressure During Spreading on UV Transmission Results Miksa et al., C&T, November 2013
  • In Vitro UV Testing—Robot vs. Human Spreading for Repeatable, Reproducible Results – Miksa et al., C&T, October 2013
  • In vitro/vivo SPF Correlation and Repeatability According to Substrate – Miksa et al., C&T, September 2013
  • SPF測定結果に与えるサンプルプレートのインパクト – Miksa, D. Lutz, C.Guy and 西本憲司, FRAGRANCE JOURNAL, August 2013
  • In vitro comparison – A new accessible and reliable statistical method to compare the global UV protection properties of cosmetics – Lutz and S. Miksa, H&PC Sun Care, July/August 2013
  • UV Transmission Assessment: Influence of Temperature on Substrate Surface – Miksa et al., C&T, July 2013
  • Adjusting Substrate/Product Interfacial Properties to Improve In vivo/In vitro SPF Correlation – Miksa, D. Lutz, J. Ongenaed and D. Candau, C&T, March 2013
  • Sunscreen in-vitro SPF determination. Inter and intra comparison tests between several measurement instruments – N. Cariou and D. Lutz, H&PC Sun Care, July/September 2012
  • FDA Rule for Broad-spectrum Labeling: Key Substrate Findings – D. Lutz, J. Ongenaed and C. Guy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, October 2011
  • Accurate, Fast and quite easy way of sunscreen testing. Compliant with in vitro global standard: COLIPA, BOOTS, FDA & ISO – D. Lutz and N. Cariou, H&PC Sun Care July/September 2011
  • In vitro assessment of water resistance of sun care products: a reproducible and optimized in vitro test method – M. Pissavini, V. Alard, U. Heinrich, K. Jenni, V. Perier, V. Tournier, D. Lutz , M. Meloni, D. Kockott, L. Ferrero, B. Gonzalez, L. Zastrow and H. Tronnier, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, July 2007
  • Determination of the In Vitro SPF – M. Pissavini, L. Ferrero, V. Alard, U. Heinrich, H. Tronnier, D. Kockott, D. Lutz, V. Tournier, M. Zambonin and M. Meloni, Cosmetics & Toiletries, October 2003



  • Sun Protection Conference, London, June 2017 – «Challenging the claimed SPF – The need to increase the number of testing laboratories for higher reliability»
  • Sun Protection Summit, Brussels, April 2017 – «Replacement of In Vivo Methods by In Vitro Methods in Sun Protection Domain»
  • Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin care, Singapore, July 2016 – «In vitro SPF for label claim: fact or fiction?»
  • Florida Sunscreen Symposium, Orlando, September 2015 – «Aspects of in vitro material handling and new developments in in vivo and in vitro automation»
  • Sun Protection Conference, London, June 2015 – «In vitro SPF for label claim: fact or fiction?»
  • Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit, Brussels, May 2015 – «How to ensure your innovative ideas comply?»
  • in-cosmetics Workshop, Barcelona, April 2015 – «UVA protection factor in vitro method»
  • INNOLAB forum :: Summer Beauty – 6 Dimensions for Sunscreen Products, Bangkok, August 2014 – «Asian branch of French laboratory advocate and act for consistent sunscreen evaluation»
  • Sun Protection & Anti Ageing Skin Care Conference Asia, Singapore, July 2014 – «Sun protection evaluation Facts and Perspectives»
  • Jean Paul Marty Days, Paris, December 2013 – «In Vitro methods for sun protection. What we will have to accept to make them reliable?»
  • Cosmetic Days, Marseille,  December 2012 – «Ajustement des proprieties interfaciales substrat/produit : Une nouvelle perspective pour la correlation In Vivo/In Vitro»
  • in-cosmetics Conference, Barcelona, April 2012 – «ISO24443»
  • Florida Sunscreen Symposium, Orlando, September 2011 – «New FDA Rule: Borderline Products in Broad Spectrum Claiming: How do I Manage»
  • Congrès Méditerranéen Cosmétologie, Marseille, September 2008 – «DLC»
  • European UV Sunfilters Conference, Paris, November 1999 – «Contribution to measuring In Vitro protection. Some keys for the reliability of Sunscreen spectrophotometric evaluation.»


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