HelioScreen develops the 1st automated spreading of solar products with the HD-SPREADMASTER robot HelioScreen develops the first temperature control device on the surface of PMMA substrates with the HD-THERMASTER Publication of the in vitro method of comparison of...


Publication of ISO 24443:2012 in vitro UVAPF standard    


FDA Revision Final Rules and Proposed Rule – Sunscreen Drug Products for OTC Human Use – Plate 2-7 µm Revision of the In Vitro UVAPF Guideline from Cosmetics Europe (ex-COLIPA) – Specific plate with many topographic parameters Boots Star Rating...


Certification of the HelioScreen quality system according to the ISO 9001 standard HelioScreen is developing an HD0 reference kit for determining the linearity / additivity of spectrophotometers  


Publication of an in vitro method for evaluating Water Resistance with the participation of HelioScreen HelioScreen develops the first reproducible molded substrate in PMMA 6µm – Helioplate HD6